Weaver tosses no-hitter, Rangers up 2-1

Yesterday, we all learned of the death of former linebacker Junior Seau. Seau committed suicide in his San Diego home without leaving a note. We all remember Seau from his time with the Chargers, whom he spent 13 years of his 20 year career. Many sports analysts believe Seau’s suicide could have resulted from the head injuries caused by playing football. If this is true, look for the NFL to become the No Fun League, because at this rate the players will need bubble wrap pretty soon.

Gaborik’s goal in the 3rd OT puts Rangers over Caps 2-1, leading the series 2-1.

Jered Weaver pitched the 2nd no-hitter of the season last night against the Twins.  Of course, it came against the worst team in the league. How can a team with Joe Mauer be the worst? Wouldn’t that guarantee you a top 25 spot?

What do you guys think of Bryce Harper? I think he’s very good for a 19-year-old.

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  1. It’s unbelievable that just a month into the season, we already have seen a perfect game and a no-hitter.

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