Peyton Manning has a new team

It was announced yesterday that free agent QB Peyton Manning had chosen his new team: the Denver Broncos. At first, I was in shock that he picked them. I thought he was planning on picking either the Dolphins, the Titans (who had a great selling pitch), or the Cardinals. Honestly, I don’t think Denver is the best fit for Peyton. If he wants to win now, that team will have to add some more pieces to the puzzle.

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I believe the Cardinals would’ve been a better choice because:

1) They play in a dome (Manning has been playing in one his whole 14 year career)

2) They have a developed running game with a decent defense

I believe the Dolphins would’ve been a better choice because:

1) Peyton has a condo and family in Miami already

2) He would excite the fans because he would be the first great QB since Mr. Marino himself

I believe the Titans would’ve been a better choice because:

1) He has a connection with the State of Tennessee: he went to college there and the UT fans would love to go watch him play

2) They offered him a job in the front office after he retires from the game

3) Free pancakes for the length of his career

What does Denver really have to offer to Peyton? Sure, Elway is the GM, but great players always turn out to be crappy executives..See Michael Jordan, Steve Kerr. They play in really inconsistent weather, plus it’s a mile up so the air is thinner. Thus, it’s harder to breath when playing there. Why would anybody want that?

Denver doesn’t have the greatest team around Manning? Sure, they’ve got a good defense led by Von Miller, but their offense without Tim Tebow was extremely anemic. With Tebow, however, they were much more dynamic and able to gain chunks of yards using the wildcat offense.

Where does this lead Timmy Tebow? The Broncos have already stated that they will trade Tebow as soon as Manning is officially signed.

Where do you think he will land?

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  1. I agree, Arizona or even Sam Francisco would have been a better fit. I think Tebow will go to Jacksonville, where they want to fill seats. He also went to Florida, and loves it there.

  2. Plain and simple Manning’s decision wasn’t about winning championships. It was about leaving his legacy untarnished, picking up some extra bucks, and speaks specifically to why he is nothing but an average quarterback come playoff time.

  3. Joseph D. Champey

    Did you ever see the kind of massacre Peyton always threw up when the Colts would come to Mile High?

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