NBA Lockout Threatens Season; Yanks top Tigers.

NBA Lockout Threatens Season

Lets start out with some NBA news. Commish David Stern says if a deal isn’t struck by the end of this weekend, the 2011-2012 season will be cancelled. He might be using this as a bluff so the players can settle for less money, or he could be serious and both the players AND the fans would be royally screwed until next year. Judging by he way the players union is handling the lockout/negotiations, I think the former isn’t likely to happen. They feel they deserve more money than the owners, and considering there are 300 players to 30 owners AND the players are the ones actually entertaining us, I also feel they should get at least a 50/50 split, if not more. I will keep you updated as the talks progress.

Is he bluffing? You tell me.

Yanks top Tigers

Now lets talk some baseball. The New York Yankees defeated the Detroit Tigers 9-3 yesterday to take the first game of the series. Second Baseman Robinson Cano drove in six of the Yankees nine runs, four of them coming on a grand slam given up by Al Alburquerque in the fifth. Tigers ace Justin Verlander is slated to only pitch one game in this series. Game 2 is happening right now as we speak.

***Credit for David Stern ‘bluff’ info, Yanks win, and Verlander info goes to my friend Alexander Sheeckutz, his Facebook profile is

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  1. I hate to say it but I think the season will be canceled. These guys are spoiled brats…. nice post though!

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