Should the star take the last shot?

For years, Kobe Bryant has demanded the ball at the end of close games. He’s one of the greatest players of all time, but does that mean he should take every “clutch” shot? Many fans (and coaches) think that the star player on their team should take the potential game tying/winning shot. However, an article written by Henry Abbott on ESPN states why the star should not be taking the final shots all the time.

Honestly, I don’t like to see isolation plays during crunch time. These plays have a very poor efficiency in clutch situations (the article goes into great detail about that efficiency for different plays). I like to see good team basketball, with the ball moving around like it would for any other moment in the game. I think pick n’ rolls and basic spot-up plays are the best for crunch time-situations.

But go ahead: read the article and decide for yourself==>

Question: Should your star take every crunch time shot?

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  1. Last night, I was watching my Bulls take on the Bucks and Rose nailed the game-winning, highly contested, fadeaway jumper.

    A few nights ago, I saw LeBron James pass it to Udonis Haslem with the time running out, Haslem missed the shot and the Heat lost.

    Case closed.

    I think Arizona is the best fit. There, he has an offensive-minded coach, a good running game, a great defense, a dome, and someone called Larry Fitzgerald.

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  2. Who should take the last shot?

    1. One caution: If the same player takes the money shot in every game; ALL of the time, the opposing defenses will collapse on him without a doubt. So there should be an option B in place at the end of games.

    2. One exception: Let’s say Kobe is shooting 3-10 in the 4th quarter. Do you want him to take the final shot or say Gasol who is 7-7 in the 4th and on a roll? Does it go to your best player OR your hottest shooter at THAT time?

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