ESPN Streak for the Cash

For those of you who don’t know, ESPN Streak for the Cash is a fantasy game created by ESPN. Basically, you pick teams to win their games on a certain day. The goal is to rack up enough correct picks (predictions) in a row so you can win lots of $$. This game is incredibly fun, and although I’m pretty sure I won’t win the money, it’s a lot funner than risking your money on the lotto.  Go check it out if you like to make predictions for games already!

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  1. I’ve played this for awhile. I can’t seem to get a streak past 10 wins!

  2. I play SFC!

    Once I actually got a nine-game winning streak, but lately, I’ve been on a lot of losing streaks!

  3. streakingforthecash

    Good look. fbn17. Ya its fun just remember its a game and the props are meant to be a coin toss. So when you can’t hit you’re win 10 just remember flip a coin 10 times prob wont hit 10 either. THIS is the hardest month to predict of the year! Also there are other ways to win… Most wins per month, beat the messenger etc…. Added to blogroll…. check out remember just our opinions and guess take it to make your decision. I don’t always pick the game I write up sometimes wait a day when the streak gets above 5 just wait for games you prefer or seem more likely… Good Luck and … PEYTON MANNING TO THE BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN ELWAY!

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