Wrap-up: Rubio has ACL tear, Redskins nab No.2 pick


  • Ricky Rubio sustained an ACL tear last week against the Los Angeles Lakers. He is out for the rest of the season. Minnesota’s playoff hopes now look distant.
My take: This is a huge blow to the Timberwolves. He was the face of that franchise; actually, he still is, but now they’ll have to make the playoffs without him. Since they play in the tougher Western Conference, many people doubt they’ll be able to make a playoff run without their rookie sensation. When I first heard the news of the “general injury” (they had no idea it was an ACL), I predicted it would be an ACL tear. Just by watching him get lifted off the court by two of his teammates, I could tell it was more serious then just missing one or two weeks. We’ll have to see in the coming weeks if Kevin Love can rally this team to a playoff spot.

Rubio won't playing again till next year (businessinsider.com).

  • J.R Smith was fined $25,000 by the NBA for a photo posted on Twitter. The photo showed the @$$ of Tahiry Jose, Smith’s girlfriend. Smith later said that he regretted tweeting the photo
My take: J.R, you are a stupid man. You are a professional basketball player currently playing in the NBA. Why are you conducting yourself like this? Didn’t you know something like this would happen? He deserves it all the way, and I really like the guy..but C’mon man!


  • Peyton Manning was released by the Colts last Wednesday. Today, he is meeting with the Arizona Cardinals
My take: We all remember last week’s debacle with the Indianapolis Colts releasing Peyton Manning. He is arguably the most accurate quarterback in the history of the game, and some have proclaimed him as the best regular-season quarterback ever. I figured all along that the Colts would release him and draft Luck/RGIII. It came as no surprise to me, but ESPN made a big deal of it so I was cool with following the story. Where do you guys think he’ll end up?
  • The Redskins traded a couple 1st Round picks for this year’s No.2 selection. Specifically, they traded their 1st Rounders for ’12, ’13, and ’14. Also, they traded a 2nd Rounder for 2012.
My take: This is a great trade for both teams. The Redskins are investing in their future by drafting RGIII/Luck. On the other hand, the Rams are investing in their future by nabbing 3 1st Round picks and a 2nd Rounder. Now, the question is who will the Colts pick in the draft? Most people are saying whoever the Colts don’t pick, the Redskins will pick them. The deal can only be made official after Tuesday (when the new league year starts).
That’s my recap for this week. Comments are appreciated!

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  1. Not commenting on J.R. Smith. Not worth my time..
    But will say that although a big Ricky Rubio fan, the Wolves have a very serviceable backup in veteran Luke Ridnour. His numbers as a starter are very good, and with Kevin Love to alley oop to how much better can it get… also with J.J. Barea backing him up, the Wolves shouldn’t cave as much as people think.

  2. I feel bad or the Timberwolves. Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio were a match made in heaven. Now, their playoff hopes are in serious peril.

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