March Madness is here!

On Sunday, the NCAA Selection Committee announced the field of 68 for this year’s Division 1 tournament. The bubble teams that made the tourney include BYU, USF and NC State.

Every year, there are some bubble teams rejected by the Committee, usually based on their weak SOS (strength of schedule) This year, Drexel is a perfect example of that. Although they went 27-6, they failed to get in the tournament because of their SOS (213). While Drexel did not make it in, Iona College did…Who would’ve guess Iona would be in the tourney? 90% of analysts didn’t even have them as their First 4 Out. Iona did just as good as Drexel (25-7) but with a SOS of 144. I guess now I can see why they were chosen over Drexel.

The Gaels will look to make a run in this year's NCAA Tournament (

To be honest, the Committee did a great job this year with the bubble teams. The biggest snubs were Drexel and Washington, and you can make a case for them being in or out of the tourney. Usually, the Committee completely misses a team that truly deserves a spot.

I think the field this year has some great teams, ut the real strength lies in the bubble teams. Iona, Ohio, Vermont, and NC State all have great chances to knock a top seed out f the tournament. Can they get all the way to the Final 4 like VCU did last year? I’d love to see that happen.

What do you think of the field? Any huge surprises?

Happy March Madness!

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  2. Surprise? This field has more than one team called the “Gaels.”

  3. I think Drexel should have made it in over Iona. They went on a 19-game winning streak. You have to reward that.

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