Fab Melo deemed ineligible for NCAA Tourney

Since the end of their season, Syracuse was projected to have a number 1 seed in the Big Dance. They achieved that goal, and now they’re looking to run all the way to New Orléans. However, they’ve just had a major setback. Fabricio Melo, the sophomore center hailing from Brazil, has been deemed ineligible  for the NCAA Tournament. Yahoo! Sports initially broke the story. Melo was deemed ineligible by the university, not by the NCAA.

When I first saw the headline, I was shocked. How is Syracuse going to fight through this? Many bracketeers have them getting to the Final Four. Despite their high seed and 31-2 overall record, I don’t think they will get farther than the Elite Eight. When you add this “Melo drama” to the mix, it becomes a cloud over the university.

Syracuse has fought off adversity with no problems this year. The Bernie Fine allegations, the Jim Boehiem suit, and now this. They have the talent to get through this tournament, but can they do it without their spark? Melo is the guy on that team that provides the energy, thus with him out they will need to find replacement energy either off their bench or in their starters.

Do you think the Orange can go far in this tournament without Melo?


Check back tomorrow at 9 a.m for a post on reigning MVP D-Rose.

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  1. Going that the in the only game Fab Melo missed this season, Syracuse lost their only regular season game, I’d say that the Orange should be concerned.

  2. Melo will absolutely affect the Orange’s performance and I heard another player might be benched as well. The absence of Melo is a bracket- changer!

  3. I’m not putting them in the elite 8 in any of my brackets! I’m glad this came out now instead of right before the tourney started ie, so I can change my picks!

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